Don’t be afraid to launch a product without machine learning

💡 While machine learning is undoubtedly cool, it heavily relies on data. But here’s the catch: simply tweaking an existing model with different data may not yield optimal results. In fact, basic heuristics can often perform just as well! 📈🧠

🔍 So, if you’re aiming for that 100% boost with machine learning, consider this: a well-designed heuristic can already get you 50% of the way there! 🙌✨

📱For instance, if you’re ranking apps in a marketplace, why not utilize the install rate or number of installs? 📥📊 When it comes to spam detection, filter out publishers with a history of spamming. 🚫💥

💡 So, here’s the key takeaway: if your product doesn’t absolutely require machine learning, don’t rush into it without sufficient data. 🛑⏳ Take advantage of effective heuristics and gather the insights you need to make informed decisions. 📚💪

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